LaunchUp Las Vegas #5 July 11th at the InNEVation Center!

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We would like to thank our newest sponsor Switch and their contribution to the Las Vegas startup community. LaunchUp #5 will be the inaugural event at the new Switch InNEVation Center. Don’t miss this inaugural event and the kickoff of Vegas Tech Week ending with Startup Weekend (also at the InNEVation Center).  Come enjoy entrepreneurs, community, and energy in 90 minutes of awesomeness.   LaunchUp GIVEAWAY!   Also we’re giving away a FREE Kindle to someone in attendance. You can’t win if you’re not there.


Event Details

  • Event Name: LaunchUp Las Vegas #5
  • Event Address: 6795 Edmond st. Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
  • Event Date: 07/11/2012
  • Event Start Time: 6:30 PM
  • Registration Link

How to get there

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AMP Presenter

Steve Thomas

Bio: Steve Thomas is President at The Net Impact, leading web strategy through website development, website design and Internet marketing. With over 18 years of experience in developing and executing internet strategies, Steve is a proven and experienced strategic planner, connector and entrepreneur. Steve also serves as the President of the American Marketing Association St. Louis and President of the Missouri Venture Forum. Steve is a frequent speaker on topics related to Internet strategy and entrepreneurism.

In The Weeds Presenter

Justin Stephens

Bio: Creating, producing, directing, editing, designing, imagining, building, collaborating, and contributing… Justin has been actively involved in the discovery and application process of communicating compelling stories and brand messages through multiple forms of film and digital media since 1998. From independent film projects all the way to recently launching his own hard-goods mfg company in the action sports industry, his efforts revolve around bringing together the necessary elements from conception to delivery to communicate the stories and opportunities that he is most passionate about.
Presentation Title: Storyteller / Creative Director
Topic: Listen To Yourself

Company #1


Company Bio:
Gabuduck is a developer and publisher of entertaining and educational applications for kids for mobile devices. We are focused on bringing best-in-class interactive music and e-book experiences to kids from 12 months to pre-teen.
Angela Abshier
Presenter Title:
3 Lessons:
1. Use your network. 2. Keep your knees bent - opportunities are everywhere! Have a plan, but be flexible and strategic when opportunities present themselves. 3. Work hard. Be diligent and proactive and stay organized.

Company #2

Ticket Cake

Company Bio: is a start-up company that makes selling event tickets online a piece of cake. The company launched at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011 and is approaching $1M in processed ticket sales. The Ticket Cake team has an interest in predictive ticket pricing, maximizing revenue for events, providing business intelligence for event organizers, and the impact online social sharing has on the success of an event.
Dylan Jorgensen
Presenter Title:
3 Lessons:
1. The Value of Measuring. You'll never know the ROI of the new project you're working on if your team hasn't established how you'll measure success or failure. 2. Don't Skip the Books. Since the day we launched, it was very important for Ticket Cake to have a good procedure for recording cash flow. Figure out your system before you have to scramble. 3. Ask For Help. There have been many times where we needed outside help for services, feature development, and honest feedback. Constantly be looking for ways others can help fill the gaps you have.

Company #3

Lucine Biotechnology Inc.

Company Bio:
Lucine Women is an open, social, and fun, personal-health tracking platform. We give women the tools to measure and track their own health, connect and communicate with other women and they give us the valuable data needed to improve women’s health for all.
Chandler Marrs, PhD
Presenter Title:
Founder & CEO of Lucine Biotechnology, creator of Lucine WomenTM and Hormones MatterTM
3 Lessons:
1. Don’t be afraid to do something that makes the world a better place. 2. There are real problems to solve in this world, solve one. 3. Sometimes complex problems need big solutions; not everything is neat, quick or easy. 4. JFDI - Just F#&%ing Do It