LaunchUp #7 @ The Downtown Project Construction Zone – November 28th

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Event Details

  • Event Name: LaunchUp Las Vegas #7
  • Event Address: 107 S. 7th St. Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
  • Event Date: 11/28/2012
  • Event Start Time: 6:30 PM
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AMP Presenter

Brandon Barnett

Bio: Brandon C. Barnett is Director of Business Innovation in at Intel Corporation, researching the science of innovation and executing programs in business experimentation and open innovation. In his work he combines business theory with complexity science, systems theory, and ethnographic research to gather pre-market data at the edge of new economic spirals.
Presentation Title: Director of Business Innovation

In The Weeds Presenter

Gabriel Shepherd

Bio: Gabriel's current passion project is SxVegas (South by Vegas), an idea he conceptualized while attending the tech centric conference SxSW (South by Southwest) in early 2012. With his enthusiasm for the Vegas Tech community, he is setting out to market the southern Nevada community as a whole at SxSW 2013 through a series of events that will highlight why the buzz about today's Las Vegas is for real. He lives and loves the city and wants the rest of the country to feel the same excitement about our community that he does. During the transition he was able to get a crash course on current startup techniques by investing in and holding the executive director position at the BoomStartup seed accelerator. This TechStars Network affiliate program was ranked one of the top 15 accelerators in the country. His current position as a partner with the Vegas Tech Fund allows him to help empower amazing founders and startups passionate about building community in downtown Las Vegas.

Company #1


Company Bio:
Fandeavor is the gameday experience company. We bring access to fans that was previously only available to well-connected individuals or the very wealthy. We help fans get exclusive seats, access to the field before the game, access to exclusive pre-game parties, pregame tunnel access, player meet & greets and more!
Dean Curtis
3 Lessons:
1. Start now 2. Find someone whose strengths are your weaknesses, and team up with them 3. Focus

Company #2


Company Bio:
oneLIVE™ broadcasts your most attractive and capable dealers via HDTV anywhere – to the pool, the rooms, and onto widescreens. Not only can you extend your tables onto the mobile gaming platform without disruption, you’ll be projecting a new image. An image that appeals to the next generation of players. Everywhere. The dealers are still live, the action is still live, but the players are mobile … just the way they like it.
Michael Jabara
Presenter Title:

Company #3

CanDax Productions

Company Bio:
CanDax Productions is a creative production company created by Candin Marks (President, Producer), Dax Garner (Creative Director, Producer), and Leeman Garner (Digital Animator, Programmer). We focus on video games, independent films/screenplays, and digital novel publication. Our first product, “Battle For Presidency”, falls under our video game sector titled Garner Games. In as few words as possible, “BFP” takes United States Presidents and current running candidates, buffs them out, tats them up, modernizes their appearances and sticks them in a setting of your choice to fight UFC meets Mortal Combat style. The game is equipped for online duals and XBox 360 console.
Candin Marks
Presenter Title:
3 Lessons:
1. It takes a team to accomplish goals. You can't do it alone. 2. Every experience is new for start-ups. Don't be discouraged by road blocks or mistakes. 3. Balance the seriousness and fun of your business. Both must exist in order for you and your team to be happy.