We host a monthly event for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, startup junkies, cool people, miscreants, and the occasional lost dog.

Our format is pretty simple.

Clinics, consisting of:

  • For the hour before the main event at certain LaunchUp, we will have experts (Legal, Fundraising, Tech, Design, etc) available for free advice to entrepreneurs and their startups.

90 Minute Main Event, consisting of:

  • Amp Session. A Successful Entrepreneur will inspire us, motivate us, and probably make us cry.
  • In the Weeds. Dig into a specific startup topic at ground level: Taxes? Legal? Outsourcing? Sales? Marketing? Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, and lots more Yep.
  • 3 Startup Companies. 7 min presentation, 7 min Q&A. Community interaction and advice for these companies. See companies like these LaunchUp Alumni.

Barn Raising, consisting of:

  • Free Food. A man’s (and a woman last we checked) gotta eat.
  • Corner Dives. Find one of the presenting startup companies logos on a wall, go to them. Meet them. Offer to help them. Energize them.
  • Networking. Tell we get kicked out.

Come to a LaunchUp. And keep coming. It’ll be the funnest and most energetic night you’ll spend about entrepreneurship.

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